Dear Parishioners, The Liturgical ending of the Gospel of Saint Mark presents not a judgement scene but rather an image […]
Dear Parishioners, It is not often that November 11 falls upon a Sunday.  Some dates are meant to be remembered […]
Dear Parishioners, Deuteronomy’s admonition (6:2-6) to be single-hearted and single-minded in purpose has endured throughout countless generations since Moses first […]
Dear Parishioners, It is a busy week ahead.  As the month of October comes to an end we find ourselves […]
Dear Parishioners, In the longer form of today’s Gospel, the sons of Zebedee, James, and John are bold enough to ask […]
Dear Parishioners, As the Synod of Bishops, which has focused on the role of youth in the Church, ends today […]
Dear Parishioners, Central to the Scriptures assigned to this weekend is Jesus’ teaching regarding marriage (Mark 10:2-16).  What begins with […]
Dear Parishioners, As Jesus reiterates to his disciples the coming Passion and Resurrection (Mark 9:30-37), their lack of understanding leads […]