Dear Parishioners, The Scriptures today begin to point in the direction of the Cross and of its saving power. The […]
Dear Parishioners, The Sinai Covenant is recalled on this Third Sunday of Lent (Exodus 20:1-17). The covenants of Noah and […]
Dear Parishioners, Abraham is called to trust in God’s commands, and because of his obedience in this trust a covenant […]
Dear Parishioners, Lent begins with a rainbow in the sky (Genesis 9:8-15) and the Lord Jesus being tempted in the […]
Dear Parishioners, In one sense, the Book of Leviticus (13:1-2, 44-46) presents a harsh picture of the isolation that is […]
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Saint Mark (1:29-39) shares with us a major glimpse of the ministry of the […]
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: Two pairs of fisherman brothers are “called” to follow the Lord in a deepened […]
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: It has been just over 13 years when (on Tuesday January 15, 2002) Bishop […]
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: Beyond the “history” of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus in the waters of […]