Dearest Parishioners, The Church was born as it received its life-breath from the Holy Spirit. The Church has relied upon […]
Dearest Parishioners, In the practice of the Levitical Office, the High Priest, after the offering of the sacrifice in the […]
Dearest Parishioners, As we begin the final weeks of the Easter Season, Saint John frames our experience around the Eucharistic […]
Dearest Parishioners, Happy Easter! We are well over half way through the Easter Season and the Scriptures chosen for our […]
Dearest Parishioners, Happy Easter! While not an official subtitle of the 4th Sunday of Easter, we still have come to […]
Dearest Parishioners, Happy Easter! The Resurrection appearance shared with us this weekend (Luke 24:35-48) tells of how the Lord Jesus, […]
Dearest Parishioners, Happy Easter! There is something very special about the 2nd Sunday of Easter. In the past, it has […]
Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Happy Easter! There is truly a “breath of fresh air” that is moving through […]
Dear Parishioners, As they do each year, the words of the Prophet Isaiah (50:4-7) lead us into the days of […]
Dear Parishioners, The Prophet Jeremiah (31:31-34) urgently states that the days are coming for the establishment of a “new covenant,” […]