Dearest Parishioners, Saint Paul gives a unique admonition this day (Ephesians 4:17) as he calls us not to live “as […]
Dearest Parishioners, Today we begin to hear, for 5 consecutive weeks, nearly the entire sixth Chapter of the Gospel of […]
Dearest Parishioners, The Gospel of Saint Mark is the shortest of all the canonical Gospel accounts. In 16 brief chapters […]
Dearest Parishioners, It is such a pleasure to welcome Father Ponce back home to Clermont this weekend! No doubt this […]
Dearest Parishioners, Happy Independence Day Weekend! It seems very appropriate to share with you the prayer written and delivered in […]
Dearest Parishioners, After dealing with a storm while he was on the boat with the disciples, as Jesus disembarks and […]
Dearest Parishioners, This time of year becomes more uncertain from a meteorological perspective. We have been “witnessing” though newscasts the […]
Dearest Parishioners, The prophet Ezekiel (17:22-24), in reflecting upon how the Davidic line will grow, uses the example of the […]
Dearest Parishioners, The Spanish woman Egeria was a pilgrim to the Holy Land around the year 380. She kept a […]
Dearest Parishioners, The Church simultaneously uses two calendars. As you would expect, the first corresponds with days (and particular dates) […]