Dear Parishioners, Wisdom is once again mentioned in the Scriptures proclaimed on this day.
Dear Parishioners, The so-called “second story of creation” (Genesis 2:18-24) is presented for our reflection upon this day.
Dear Parishioners, While I might share a last name with a part of the source, I don’t often go to […]
Dear Parishioners, Wisdom is given as a “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Saint James, in […]
Dear Parishioners, There is a hint of Passion Sunday in the Scriptures assigned for this day. The Song of the […]
Dear Parishioners, For many, the observance of Labor Day simply means the end of the days of summer. Well beyond […]
Dearest Parishioners, The Lord Jesus challenges the widely held belief that impurity comes not from outside influences but rather from […]
Dearest Parishioners, This is the final Sunday of the “mini-season” that has focused us on the Mystery of the Eucharist […]
Dearest Parishioners, Saint Thomas Aquinas had a deep appreciation for the Eucharist. We see this in the hymnody used on […]
Dearest Parishioners, Once again, the Old Testament Scripture tells of a “feeding with bread” at the miraculous hand of the […]