Dear Parishioners, Each year, Easter’s Second Sunday finds us in the “upper room” on the evening of the “first day […]
Dear Parishioners, This past week a sniglet from the evening news reported that bottled water had overtaken soda in sales […]
Dear Parishioners, The Book of Genesis (12:1-4) offers another significant text proclaimed on the Second Sunday of the Lenten Season. […]
Dear Parishioners, The Season of Lent begins with a significant passage taken from the Book of Genesis (2:7-9, 3:1-7), “the […]
Dear Parishioners, The winter portion of Ordinary Time comes to a conclusion this week as Ash Wednesday begins our annual […]
Dear Parishioners, Today we observe the 14th Anniversary of the Dedication of our new Church Building and 84 years as […]
Dear Parishioners, Merry Christmas everyone! Saint Ignatius of Antioch, in the early 2nd Century, reflected on the manifestation of the […]
Dear Parishioners, Merry Christmas everyone! As one year comes to an end and another New Year dawns on our life […]
Dear Parishioners, Merry Christmas everyone! The 150 Psalms of David are sometimes called “journey songs” for they express a wide […]
Dear Parishioners, It is clear that God speaks to us in our dreams! He comes to us when we are […]