Dear parishioners: The Season of Advent always seems to have a mystical quality about it. While many have some fears […]
There are many churches around the world that contain priceless works of art. No doubt the European traveler has found […]
Dear parishioners: For those who keep track of the Liturgical Year through the changing of the color of vesture, today […]
Dear parishioners: The third of the “Feasts of November” is celebrated on this day, the anniversary of the Dedication of […]
Dear parishioners: The entire Church pauses today to remember the dead. We remember those long forgotten, those who have been […]
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Leader: Praise be to […]
Dear parishioners: Social responsibilities are highlighted in the text taken from the Book of Exodus (22: 20-26) for our hearing […]
Dear parishioners: Images of the first commandment are heard in the text of Prophet Isaiah (45: 1, 4-6) this day, […]