Dear parishioners:

The Gospel parable of this day (Matthew 20: 1-16) is especially challenging in terms of human resources, compensation, and employee morale. The estate owner hires people at various times during the day — beginning at dawn and ending nearly at sunset … and all receive the same compensation! Needless to say, those who worked from dawn to dusk grumbled and those who worked from the late afternoon rejoiced because they received the same recompense. If only the grumblers knew that they could have the day to themselves, work only a little bit and still get a full day’s wages, it might change their work ethic!

This parable’s emphasis may not be about worker and wage, but rather about wage and worker!? Is not the wage the gift of eternal life? In that respect, one should marvel that the call of Christ is ever present each day. One should also find joy that if one hears the call of Christ “early in the day” and that they labors their lives in joyful hope of their own salvation and that of the entire world.  Even more than this, one should find greater joy that even those who did not answer the call until “late in the day” (or late in their lives!) are offered the gift of salvation.

We pray that our lives and attitudes may be ordered toward the Kingdom and the gift of salvation:

O God, who in your wonderful providence decreed that Christ’s Kingdom should be extended throughout the earth and that all should become partakers of his saving redemption, grant, we pray, that your Church may be the universal sacrament of salvation and that Christ may be revealed to all as the hope of the nations and their Savior.

The Ladies Guild is in the final stages of transition to becoming a Council of Catholic Women (or CCW as it is commonly referred to). The CCW exists on 3 levels; parish, diocesan and national.  It is the single largest organization of Catholic women in the United States.  Each of the 5 Bishops of Orlando have greatly supported and encouraged the development of the CCW in each parish of the diocese. I am grateful to those who have been a part of the transition team and would like to encourage all of the women to check out the CCW!

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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