Dear parishioners:

Father Ponce’s presence was very much missed this summer here at Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps this summer, due to unforeseen health issues with your pastor, I know that he would have been a great comfort and relief. The goodness of God has provided that this parish has not missed a step and comfort and relief have been provided by others.

Years ago, this parish began the process of building a Medical Mission named Our Lady of the Sick in Kambaala, Uganda. Since then, this parish has built four buildings, numerous wells, and the resources to provide medical care and medicines for those in need. In essence, Blessed Sacrament has provided the resources and Father Ponce has provided the work! I am grateful for your generosity in our second collection this weekend to provide additional resources to Father Ponce in this wonderful covenant relationship which we share.

And so we pray for those whose lives will be touched though Our Lady of the Sick Mission in Kambaala and for ourselves who have been called to be their benefactors and protectors:

O God, who gave one origin to all peoples and willed to gather from them one family to yourself, fill all hearts, we pray, with the fire of your love and kindle in them a desire for the just advancement of their neighbor, that, through the good things which you richly bestow upon all, each human person may be brought to perfection, every division may be removed, and equity and justice may be established in human society.

Next weekend, September 13 and 14, the second collection will be given to Catholic Relief Services through the Diocese for humanitarian aid for those deeply affected by recent events in Iraq, Gaza, Syria and the surrounding countries.

On a personal note, while I am very happy to be well enough to be home with you this weekend and to preach at all of the Masses, I am not back quite yet. In the next weeks I will be facing surgery and what I hope will be a brief recovery time. I am anxious to be home at Blessed Sacrament. So I thank you for your continued prayers. Your loving kindness, cards, notes and other gestures of love have most certainly sustained me during these past few months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!


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