Dear parishioners:

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I found it interesting to note that this holiday was first celebrated in 1887 (thank you, Wikipedia!) to honor the accomplishment and ingenuity of the work-force of our nation. While many other countries celebrate a similar holiday on May 1 each year, our Canadian friends also celebrate this on the first Monday of September each year!

Although there are many who see this as the symbolic end of summer, we know that school has already been back in session for a few weeks and the return of a more disciplined routine is already in place. But, there is some good news… the colder weather of the autumn and winter of Florida is not quite what it is in other places… and “Football Season” is just about to begin! And while we don’t celebrate this holiday anymore with the parades, festivals and such that were a part of days long past, we still give thanks for those workers in whatever field they may be who do their jobs with a spirit of hope, dedication, enthusiasm and purpose. So, we pray for the sanctification of human labor on this day:

O God, who through human labor never cease to perfect and govern the vast work of creation, listen to the supplications of your people and grant that all men and women may find work that befits their dignity, joins them more closely to one another and enables them to serve their neighbor.

Next weekend, September 6 and 7, our Second Collection will be given for the Medical Mission in Kambala, Uganda. While Father Ponce was unable to join us this summer, we still support his efforts in bringing health and holiness to this Mission which is so dear to our parish’s heart. I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Also, the Second Collection on the weekend of September 13 and 14 will help assist Catholic Relief Services through the Diocese for humanitarian aid for those deeply affected by recent events in Iraq, Gaza, Syria and the surrounding countries.

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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