Dear Parishioners,

The 40th day of Easter is rapidly approaching as we prepare to observe the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. While it would be ordinarily celebrated on this coming Thursday as a Holy Day of Obligation, in this ecclesiastical province, it is transferred to next Sunday. Beyond this, the celebration of Pentecost is the following Sunday. Today’s Scriptures begin to prepare us for these great events.

The text from the Acts of the Apostles (15:1-2, 22-29) speak of the Spirit’s role in the life of the Church in the development of doctrine and the resulting practices which are derived from them. While the observance of specific Mosaic Law imposed upon Gentile males might not seem especially significant for the contemporary mind, it certainly was a concern for those who were converts to the faith and the burdens that could be placed upon all who come to accept the faith of the Church. It speaks of the “wideness” of God’s mercy and the continual role of the Holy Spirit in discernment, both in our individual lives and in the communal life of the Church.

Great and loving Father, your will for us in Jesus is the peace the world can not give; your abiding gift is the Advocate he promised. Calm our troubled hearts, dispel our every fear. Keep us steadfast in your love and faithful to your word, that we may always be your dwelling place.

May the joy of the resurrection fill your days, your lives and all the world with joy and hope!

Father Bob

I am hoping that we can soon wrap up this year’s Our Catholic Appeal. We still have to raise $28,948.56 in order to meet our assessment of $298,182. As of last weekend, 649 households of the parish have pledged $269,233.44. I would especially like to encourage those who have never participated to please do so. There are pledge envelopes in the pews or you can also pledge on line at our parish website Thank you for your quick response. And, anyone interested in making a memorial donation toward the purchase of our new organ are asked to either contact Bryan Hayes or myself at the parish office.


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