Dear Parishioners,

Happy Easter everyone! During these later weeks of the Easter Season we are preparing for the ending of the academic year and graduation celebrations have already begun. Last Saturday we celebrated the graduation of our High School students and offered them a special blessing as they begin this new chapter of their lives. I gifted them with a “San Damiano” Cross, the one which “spoke” to Saint Francis, and asked that they let this cross travel with them to the new homes which they create and asked that they “listen” to what Jesus tells them each day.

Many of us have a special cross in our homes, often above our bed, that our first and last thoughts of the day might exclusively belong to Jesus. We pray that what we do might give God glory through His Son.

The cross in our lives helps us to bear the cross in the lives of each other. Mindful then, of the Gospel challenge (John 13:31-35) in which the betrayer departs the Last Supper and Jesus encourages the 11 by saying, “As I have loved you, so also should you love one another,” we pray:

We behold your glory, O God, in the love shown by your Son, lifted up on the Cross and exalted on high. Increase our love for one another, that both in name and in truth we may be disciples of the Risen Lord Jesus and so reflect by our lives the glory that is yours.

We remember Father Augusto in our prayers during these days. On May 12 he began a pilgrimage to Rome and to the Holy Land. He will return on May 28. We pray for his safe travels and for an enriching time as he walks in these most holy places!

May the joy of the resurrection fill your days, your lives and all the world with joy and hope!

Father Bob

We have hit a bit of a dry spell with the completion of Our Catholic Appeal. I thank those who have already responded and would like to encourage those who have not yet participated. As of last weekend, 649 households of the parish have pledged $269,233.44 toward of assessment of $298,182. We have $28,948.56 left to go to meet our assessment. I thank you for your quick response.


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