Dear Parishioners,
While today might be the Second Sunday of Lent, we are very much aware that it is also the 17th day of March and what is known as Saint Patrick Day. And while this day always falls during the season of Lent, often providing relief from the discipline of the Paschal Fast, it gives the faithful the opportunity to be able to reflect upon the transfiguring love of Christ that drives away serpents and promises refuge in the One who saves us from our mortality. In a single illuminating moment, Peter, James, and John were able to see a post-resurrection glimpse of the Lord Jesus before his passion and death. The experience of Patrick brought about a glimpse of a world made new by the resurrection of Christ. As such, each of us who belong to Jesus is able to see Jesus in his transfigured glory and share with the world a vision of the Kingdom that continues to emerge.

Lord God of the covenant, your presence fills us with awe, your word gives us unshakeable hope. Fix in our hearts the image of your Son in glory, that sustained on the path of discipleship, we may pass over with him to newness of life.

On each Friday of Lent Stations of the Cross will take place at 6:00pm. In addition, on the coming Fridays of Lent, there will be “Soup” Suppers in the Social Hall following the Stations of the Cross. “Soup Talks” will follow in Saint John Bosco Hall.

I want to thank those who have thus far responded to Our Catholic Appeal. We are making good and steady progress! Thank you! As of last weekend, 427 households of the parish have pledged $146,675.90 toward of assessment of $298,181 and 22 households from Mission Santo Toribio Romo have pledged $4,441.00 toward the assessment of $11,095.
May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Father Bob


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