Dear Parishioners,

In a rather long reading taken from the first Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians (12:12-30), we hear of one of the first versions of a “Theology of the Body.” While more accurately it might be called a “Theology of the Body of Christ”, the themes of unity, interconnectedness, interdependence, dignity, and role are addressed. Paul, while always stressing the need for attentiveness on the individual faith journey, he is clear that the Christian route is always undertaken as a member of Christ’s Body not separated from other members. Paul even goes on to “rank” roles and gifts in order of importance! His “order” is as follows; apostles, prophets, teachers, mighty deeds, gifts of healing, assistance, administration and varieties of tongues. While one might debate his ranking of role and gifts, clearly all gifts and roles should be offered and received for the common good and for the building of the Body, the Church!

Lord God, whose compassion embraces all peoples, whose law is wisdom, freedom, and joy for the poor, fulfill in our midst the promise of favor, that we may receive the gospel of salvation with faith and, anointed by the Spirit, freely proclaim it.

Confirmation preparation begins at 6:30pm this coming Monday (January 28) in Church and continues on February 4, 11 and 25 at the same time. Bishop Noonan will be with us at the 5:00pm Mass on Sunday, March 5. If you are an adult who has not yet received this Sacrament and wishes to do so, please call the Faith Formation Office and speak with Chris Stalnaker or Kay Bencen to register.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Father Bob


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