Dear Parishioners,
In what is essentially just a few hours we will begin the celebration of the Lord’s Nativity. I look forward, along with Father Roy and Father Augusto, to sharing in these special days together!
The prophet, Micah, so seldom heard in the Liturgy and, yet, who challenges us to do what the Lord requires … to live justly, show mercy and to walk tenderly with our God … speaks of the “little town of Bethlehem” from which the “shepherd king” shall come!
The final Gospel for this Advent Season (Luke 1:39-45) tells of the visitation of the two holy women, one the Virgin Mother of God and the other unlikely mother of the Lord’s herald! The tenderness of their meeting is but an image of our own meeting with the Lord Jesus. May our hearts leap with joy at the nearness of our God!
Who are we, Lord God, that you should visit us? Yet you have visited your people and redeemed us in your Son. As we prepare to celebrate his birth, make our hearts leap with joy at the sound of your Word, and move us by your Spirit to bless your wonderful works!
We hold in prayer all those who are traveling during these holy days that they may have safety in their journey, peace upon entering the homes of loved ones, and grace to recognize the Lord Jesus as he visits his holy people! And for us who remain, may we find joy and contentment in the presence of one another as we share in the grace of the Mystery of the Incarnation!

Father Bob


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