Dear Parishioners,

It is not often that November 11 falls upon a Sunday.  Some dates are meant to be remembered in perpetuity and so it is that 11/11 at 11am is celebrated as Veteran’s Day. On this weekend we remember in a special way our veterans who have served our (and their) countries:


God of compassion and mercy,

your Son emptied himself to save all of humanity.

Bless our veterans who have served their country

with courage and valor.

May their hearts be filled with peace

and may peace reign in the regions where they have served.

May their calling to service

inspire all of us to serve one another

without counting the cost.

Grant that their dedication and honor

be remembered from generation to generation.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


May the week ahead be filled with countless blessings!

Father Bob


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