Dear Parishioners,

It is a busy week ahead.  As the month of October comes to an end we find ourselves celebrating many great feasts that will bring us to the end of the Church Year.  On Thursday we will observe the Solemnity of All Saints with its’ Wednesday All Hallows vigil, and on Friday the Commemoration of All Souls.  Masses for All Saints Day will be on Wednesday at 5pm and on Thursday at 8:30am and 7pm. Masses for All Souls Day will be at 8:30am and 7pm.

Along the walls of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, processing toward the sanctuary, are the images of many saints woven into giant tapestries.   The eyes of each saint are fixed upon the Altar (and the crucifix which is behind it) on a journey like ours that finds its energy and purpose in the Eucharistic Sacrifice.  Fittingly, the tapestries together are called the “Communion of Saints.” I especially love the image of Saint Theresa of Calcutta and Pope Saint John XXIII standing next to one another!

All holy God, you call your people to holiness.  As we keep the festival of your saints, give us their meekness and poverty of spirit, a thirst for righteousness, and purity of heart.  May we share with them the richness of your Kingdom and be clothed in the glory you bestow.

We had originally foreseen the return of the 5pm Mass on Sunday evenings as beginning on the first weekend of November, but since the winter residents are slowly returning and the other Masses are not yet crowded, we will delay this until the first weekend in December, the First Sunday of Advent.

May the week ahead be filled with every grace and blessing!

Father Bob


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