Dear Parishioners,

In the longer form of today’s Gospel, the sons of Zebedee, James, and John are bold enough to ask Jesus for a seat at his right and left when He comes into his glory (Mark 10:35-45).  This conversation is not unlike the conversation the disciples were having among themselves (Mark 9:30-37) as they discussed “who was the greatest.”  Jesus first answers this question, using the example of a child in their midst, to state that the Father will receive those who have innocent faith and trust.  In this second answer, admiring the boldness of their aspirations, Jesus reminds them that the greatest among us is the one who is the servant (and slave) of all, the one who offers their own life as a ransom for the salvation of others.  In the end, what makes any disciple of Jesus “great” is our willingness to be of service to others as we ourselves become an instrument of salvation.

Most glorious God, in Jesus you show it is your will to save.  Grant to us, your people, the boldness to desire a place in your kingdom, the courage to drink the cup of suffering, and the grace to find in service the glory you promise.  

On your behalf, I would like to extend a word of welcome to Mel Delsole who will join our parish staff this week in the Pastoral Care and Family Life Department.  Most specifically Mel will be overseeing Young Adult and Youth Ministry but will also have other responsibilities as we continue to expand our ministries into other areas of family life.  We wish her much success in her ministry and pray that Christ may bless the work of her hands and heart!

I would like to offer a word of thanks to Monica Thilmony and Tim Behler for their coordination of last weekend’s Ministry Fair.  I have heard from many of the leaders of our parish organizations and ministries that it was a great success.  I thank all who participated and all who signed up for your willingness to serve!

Lastly, PUMPKINS are back!  Many thanks to John and Lori Toth (Indian Hills Produce) for their generous donation which will benefit our Young Adult and Youth Ministry programs!

May the week ahead be filled with every grace and blessing!

Father Bob


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