Dear Parishioners,

Central to the Scriptures assigned to this weekend is Jesus’ teaching regarding marriage (Mark 10:2-16).  What begins with a pharisaic question of “how to get out of marriage” is answered by affirming the sacred nature of covenant relationship in which human flesh is joined, one to another, of what it takes to “be in marriage.”  It seems that the rib that was separated is restored by the grace of free choice!  And so we pray for all who have entered into the marriage covenant:

O God, who consecrated the bond of Marriage by so great a mystery that in the wedding covenant you foreshadow the Sacrament of Christ and His Church, grant we pray, to all who have entered into this holy bond, that what they receive in faith they may live out in deeds. 

Marriage is also an image of the Church.  It seems appropriate that I also include, as a supplement to our year end report which was printed in last week’s bulletin, some of the things which effect our life here as BSCC that our lives may be holy and fruitful:

In the Catholic Appeal (OCA)  791 households (down from a record high several years ago of 992) is presently $1808.00 over the diocesan assessment.  We always need to go way over this to compensate for the underage at the Mission.

Project HOPE is both alive and well!  443 households have pledged $1,072,032.  We have $336,982 left to be collected.  To date we have accomplished the following projects; The new parking lot ($187,000), the security renovation of the front office ($11,500), the installation of a phone/PA system located in every classroom and meeting space to facilitate both ordinary and emergency communication ($16,000).  We have also installed security cameras in inconspicuous places to ensure additional safety and security!

Left to be completed is the installation of the computer to support the new key card system ($24,000) and the key card system ($36,000).  We are required to fence the campus on the east side (12th Street) of the campus to ensure safety to our children in the Faith Formation Program. Even after these expenses, we will still have funds (and will continue to gather funds) in order to secure additional land acquisition to add to our campus.

We continue to need Ministers to the Sick as the number of health care facilities continues to increase here in Clermont.  Two additional nursing facilities are soon to open making us responsible for 10 residential facilities in addition to the hospital and the shut-ins.

Outward Sign and our Backpack ministries are doing very well and assisting many families and individuals.  I thank you for your support of this ministry by your participation in the second collection on the second Sunday of each month!

January 17, 18 and 19, 2019 we will have our second annual “40 Hours Devotion”



I thank you for your generosity which keeps the teaching and sanctifying mission of the Lord Jesus and His holy Church vibrant in the community of Clermont!

May the week ahead be filled with every grace and blessing!

Father Bob


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