Dear parishioners:

The afternoon summer storms have been fierce. One marvels at the power of the winds, the thunder and lightning, and the vast amounts of water that falls as rain from the skies. Even if we have been spared the “clash of the sea-breezes” in Clermont, one simply has to turn on the afternoon news to see a weather person reporting where the heaviest rains are falling, the timing of where it will pop up next, and the frequency of lightning strikes! The wonder of modern Doppler radars at work before our very eyes!

Elijah, retracing the 40 day Exodus journey, is in the midst of his own life-threatening storm (1 Kings 19: 9, 11-13). So too, the disciples of Jesus find themselves in a boat in the midst of a terrible storm (Matthew 14: 22-33). In each instance the presence of God is made known not in the powerful forces of nature, but rather in a whispering sound and through the voice of Jesus which said, “It is I, do not be afraid.”

Whatever the storms we face in life might be, external or internal, the presence of God is with us in comforting ways that bring courage and hope. Sometimes we just get distracted by what is louder and do not notice that God has been with us all along! And so, we pray that the storms in our lives will not distract us from knowing that God is with us:

O God, at whose commands all the elements give obedience, we humbly entreat you, that the stilling of the fearsome storms may turn a powerful menace into an occasion for praise to you.

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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