Dear Parishioners,

For the next several weeks we will read from sections of the Gospel of Matthew which deal with the life of the Church. Today’s section, 15:21-28, is a story of a Canaanite woman “claiming her dignity” as a child of God. In not so many words she respectfully tells Jesus that she is not an outcast “dog” and is rewarded with the healing of her daughter.

We live in the midst of a world where many would rob the Church and the members of the Church of its dignity. The Church is well aware of sin. The Church is also well aware of redemption! Sin and the self-righteous words of the evil one should never deter us from our mission in Christ, nor should sins long ago confessed and penance long fulfilled keep us from claiming the dignity that is ours in Christ! We see the mission of Christ expanded that not only the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” are to be found, but also those who do Him homage. And so, on this day we pray for the Church and for all who are apart of it:

O God, in the covenant of your Christ you never cease to gather to yourself from all nations a people growing together in unity through the Holy Spirit; grant that your Church, faithful to the mission entrusted to her, may continually move forward with the human family and always be the leaven and the soul of human society, to renew it in Christ and transform it into the family of God.

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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