Dear Parishioners,

I have always admired “fearless” people who have the surety of character and ability to boldly enter into a difficult situation and face it head on. It can be seen in the faces and actions of first responders, peacekeepers and many others who, with a strong sense of self-identity, clearly know their strengths and weaknesses and rely on their instinct for good (and doing good) to prevail. What is even more noteworthy is that fearlessness is not recklessness! They clearly know the difference!The Prophet Jeremiah was a cultured and refined person who was also

The Prophet Jeremiah was a cultured and refined person who was also considerably sensitive. He neither sought out or wanted the prophetic role but when pressed, he stood tall and became more confident of God’s power and will to save, even with a serious threat to his own life! The Lord Jesus encourages his disciples to have similar courage in the face of darkness and persecution (Matthew 10:26-33). Truly the conviction of faith is encouraging!

True and faithful God, you give courage to the fearful and endurance to martyrs. Sustain us as followers of your Son Jesus, that with courage and conviction we may acknowledge him before the world.

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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