Dear Parishioners,

This past week a sniglet from the evening news reported that bottled water had overtaken soda in sales as the most popular beverage in terms of purchase. No doubt this does not account for those who simply drink water from the tap! Water is not only popular, but it is also absolutely necessary!

The Israelites yearned for water in the desert (Exodus 17:3-7), and the woman from Samaria certainly knew where the Jacob’s well was located (John 4:5-42). Motivated by thirst and the other ways in which water is used in our lives, Jew and Gentile alike search out that single natural resource which sustains our earthly life.

Today the attention of the Church moves us to begin an intense period of prayer for those who seek to be immersed in Christ’s life-giving waters. We pray for our elect catechumens, Billy Jones, Brian Lee, and Jennifer Mueller, as they are lead through the First Scrutiny. We recall that we were once those who thirsted for the Sacraments of Initiation and pray that the grace of original innocence may be once again instilled in us all:

All merciful Father, through your Son you revealed your mercy to the woman of Samaria and moved by that same care you have offered salvation to all sinners. Look favorably on the elect who desire to become your adopted children through the power of your sacraments. Free them from the slavery of sin, and for Satan’s crushing yoke exchange the gentle yoke of Jesus. Protect them from every danger, that they may serve you faithfully in peace and joy and render you thanks forever.

Thank you to all who have thus far participated in the annual diocesan Our Catholic Appeal.  Our parish assessment this year is $278,146. To date, 868 households have pledged $256,622 toward this assessment, leaving us $21,524 to meet this goal. At Santo Toribio 42 households have pledged $8,813 toward their assessment of $12,301 leaving $3,488 to meet their goal. A portion of our overage will be used to cover their shortage.

Project HOPE: Helping our Parish Expand is now beginning to show some wonderful signs of success.  Thus far, 189 parishioners have already pledged $505,772.91 toward our goal of raising between $3-4 million. Thanks so much as we step out in faith into the future of our parish!

May our observance of Lent, with chosen acts of sacrifice, penance, and charity, make pure our minds and fill our hearts with joy! By our participation in these holy mysteries bring us the fullness of life and grace!


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