Dear Parishioners,

The Jubilee Year of Mercy comes to an end this day with the closing of the Holy Doors around the world and in the City of Rome. Even as the closing of earthly doors symbolizes an end to a special time of grace, we also know that the open doors remind us that the Gates of Paradise are forever opened for each one of us! The voice of the “criminal” in today’s Gospel (Luke 23:35-43) emphasizes our own heartfelt words, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom!” With blessed assurance, we are comforted by the Lord’s loving and merciful response! We pray that each of us, having experienced the mercy of God during this Holy Year, may be more merciful and loving throughout all of our lives as we journey to the Kingdom:

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, you gave us your Son, the beloved one who was rejected, the Saviour who appeared defeated. Yet the mystery of his kingship illumines our lives. Show us in his death the victory that crowns the ages, and in his broken body the love that unites heaven and earth.

I thank you for enthusiasm and steadfastness last weekend as I shared the “State of the Parish” with you. It is truly exciting to know that finally the Diocese is ready, on behalf of our parish, to sign a land purchase agreement with the City of Clermont, to be accomplished in 2 transactions (one short term and the other long term), to purchase both the ballfields and the City maintenance facilities!

I am also grateful to the Bishop for permission to conduct a capital campaign and to Ed Pauley has agreed to serve as our honorary chairperson and to Bill Barth and Jessica Gonzalez who will serve as the co-chairpersons of this endeavor. The Capital Campaign and Construction Projects will be called “Project HOPE” which means Helping Our Parish Expand. This will be accomplished in a 3 phased project which will hopefully accomplish the following:

  • Phase 1: To acquire property to allow us to increase parking while laying the foundation  for future growth and development
  • Phase 2: To build a multipurpose Family Life Center which will include a larger parish hall, increased and larger, more useful, classroom space and spaces for the parish ministries and ministers.
  • Phase 3: To accommodate some renovations to the Church and to restore the former church (St. John Bosco Hall) into the Daily Mass Chapel.

Our hope is to be able to raise enough funds to accomplish Phases 1-3 through Project HOPE!

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day!  Mass will be celebrated at 10:00am. The Knights of Columbus will host a Thanksgiving Dinner in the Social Hall for the hungry, the homeless and for those who are alone. RSVP is necessary by calling the Office.

Lastly, wherever you may be during this Thanksgiving Day, I hope that it is filled with grace, that peace is present at your table and in your hearts, and you are surrounded by those that you love!

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!


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