Dear Parishioners,

As the end of the Liturgical Year begins to appear on the horizon, a scene of individual judgment is presented for our prayerful reflection. Luke’s parable of “Poor Lazarus (16:19-31) might easily be construed as an “after-life reversal of roles.” As always, a parable means much more than what is easily discerned! There is a strong challenge for each of us to settle things on this side of the grave! There is also a strong connection to Saint Luke’s version of the Beatitudes (with blessings and curses) which challenges our conduct now to be blessed. There is also a strong promise given that there is something more than the experience of Sheol, the shadowy place of the dead. In Christ Jesus, there is the place of light, refreshment, and peace in God’s presence.

So, heeding the call of the Prophets and comforted by the presence of Abraham our father in faith, we cry out to God who sent His own Son, risen from the dead, to be our Savior:

O God of justice, hear our cry and save us. Make us heed your word to the prophets; rouse us to the demand of the Gospel and impel us to carry it out.

On Tuesday the parish Holy Year Pilgrimage to Rome begins. This ten-day spiritual journey will take 35 of our parishioners through the Holy Doors of the Patriarchal Basilicas and a few cities which have been so formative of our Catholic Faith. As we make this journey, please know that as we celebrate the Eucharist, I will remember you and your families in my prayers. Please pray for our health and safety as we travel as well.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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