Dear Parishioners,

We often only equate the Season of Advent with the image of the coming of the Son of Man. While this neatly compartmentalizes the spirit of that holy season and its ordering toward the commemoration of the First Coming of Christ, it is the Second Coming of Christ that guides our footsteps each day. Luke’s Parable of the “ready and waiting disciples” (12:35-40) speaks of a preparedness that is a part of our ordinary routine, never taken for granted but ever looked forward to with eager expectation! The embolism to the Lord’s Prayer in the Communion Rite calls this “joyful” and “blessed” hope.

O God, on whom our faith rests secure and whose kingdom we await, sustain us by word and sacrament and keep us alert for the coming of the Son of Man, that we may welcome him without delay.

For all intents and purposes, the summer is about to come to an end and the “second New Year” is about to begin as school is set to open and vacations become a memory. Faith Formation classes will begin immediately following the opening of school and now is the time to register (your children) by calling Kitty at the Faith Formation Office
(352-394-3562 x120) or to register online at Registering now is especially important for those involved in the Sacramental Preparation processes.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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