Dear Parishioners,

For a second weekend in a row, the text of the first reading is taken from the Book of Genesis (18:20-32) and involves Abraham and his three “visitors.” In what seems to our ears to be a “negotiation” with the Lord, Abraham acknowledges the presence of those who are innocent and blameless, even in the midst of culture of sin. The Lord affirms Abraham in what he sees and spares all for the sake of the goodness that dwells therein.

Jesus, in teaching his disciples “how” to pray, calls us to also recognize the innocence that exists even among the sinful and to not have hearts that are closed (and locked) like doors in the darkness of the night. Rather, He reminds us, that our reliance upon him for daily bread, forgiveness of our sins, and alleviation of others debts to us reveals the fullness of a healthy relationship in which we recognize that we are sons and daughters of God, able to call Him Father. Only in goodness and innocence can we truly call God Father.

Provident Father, with the prayer your Son taught us on our lips, we ask, we seek, we knock at your door. In our every need, grant us the first and best of all your gifts, the Spirit who makes us your children.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings.

Fr. Bob


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