Dear Parishioners,

Happy Easter, everyone! This weekend we bring many of our children from this parish to the Lord’s table as they receive Holy Communion for the first time! This is a wonderful day for our parish community and for the members of the individual families in which these children have been raised. Of course this day evokes in us deep memories of our first encounter with the Lord Jesus in this very special Sacrament. We recall the words of the great Doctor of the Church, Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, “make of our hands a throne to hold the bread of heaven, make of our hearts a home to hold the very wine of life, in this mystery Lord, make us one with you.”

We pray that this day may deepen for us all our appreciation for the Eucharist. We also offer two prayers for those who enter into this mystery on this day:

Good and gracious God, you have invited these children to share at your table for the first time, that you may bring toward completion the new life received by Baptism into your family, the Church. Help them always to live in communion with Jesus, as living members of his mystical body.

With a father’s watchful care and a mother’s tender love, protect, O God, these children you have called to be nourished with the bread of life. Through the saving power of these mysteries preserve them from evil and make them generous witnesses of the love of Christ who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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