Dear Parishioners,

Peter, James and John accompany the Lord Jesus where he is transfigured before them (Luke 9:28-36). Once again, we see an instance where the “fishers of men” are taught how to “fish.” The apostles did not tell anyone (at that time) what they had seen, for the truly transfigured glory of the Lord Jesus would come to be reflected in their lives which would also attract others. The role of the “fishers of men” would be to allow others to hear that they are chosen and beloved. Listening to the voice of the fishermen, new disciples would hear the voice of the Lord who leads them through the Passover to a new life:

God of the covenant, your presence fills us with awe, your word gives us unshakable hope. Fix in our hearts the image of your Son in glory, that, sustained on the path of discipleship, we may pass over with him to newness of life.

I would like to take a moment to give an update on Our Catholic Appeal following our first weekend:

  • Blessed Sacrament’s assessment is $268,241. Last week, 94 households pledged $41,326. We have  $226,915 left to attain our goal.

I am so very grateful for your support of the Bishop and of our cooperation with him in meeting the operational expenses of the Diocesan Office, of the Diocesan Schools and of Catholic Charities.

Stations of the Cross are celebrated on each of the Fridays of the Lenten Season at 6:00 pm in English and at 7:30 pm in Spanish. Lenten Soup Suppers are at 6:45 pm on Fridays in the Social Hall. On each Saturday of Lent there will be a Penance Service at 2:30 pm.

Next weekend we will begin a Parish Mission celebrating the Great Jubilee Year of Mercy. Father John Hurley, CSP will preach at all the weekend Masses and the mission will continue on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope that many will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for Lenten enrichment right here at home! There will be services in the morning which will begin with daily Mass and an evening presentation at 7:00pm.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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