Dear Parishioners,

The antiphon for our Responsorial Psalm (91) this day has us sing, “Your words are Spirit and life, O Lord.” Perfect, refreshing, trustworthy, enlightening, enduring, right, clear, pure, right and just are words that proclaim this life within the verses of the Psalm! As we hear (for a second week in a row!) the story of Ezra’s reading from the Book of the Law taken from the Book of Nehemiah, we see the people’s heartfelt response to Lord’s own precepts! We ponder our personal response as we hear of Saint Paul’s extrapolation on how the One Spirit of the Lord makes of us “one body with many parts.” Such is the power and manifestation of the Holy Spirit!

The “first” event of the public ministry of the Lord Jesus from the Gospel of Luke this day, a post-baptism and post-temptation account, presents Him “at home” in Galilee where he grew to maturity, reading in the synagogue. There he proclaims, upon their hearing, the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy that the Spirit’s anointing is upon Him and that the Spirit’s empowerment of him will bring about liberty, recovery, sight, freedom and an acceptable time. Indeed, your words are Spirit and life, O Lord!

Next Sunday, at the 5 p.m. Mass, The bishop will be with us to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to the young adults of our parish and mission. I invite you to please pray for these of our community who seek the Spirit’s gifts and ask that they generously manifest them in the life of the Church and in their daily lives. Let us pray this prayer, also, for ourselves:

Accompany with your blessing from this day forward, O Lord, those you have anointed with the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Body and Blood of your Son, so that, with all trials overcome, they may gladden your Church by their holiness and, through their works and their charity, foster her growth in the world.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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