Dear Parishioners,

Fourteen years ago this parish family of Blessed Sacrament celebrated the Solemn Dedication of this third Church Building which is our spiritual home! On Tuesday evening, January 15, 2002, Bishop Norbert Dorsey came to open the doors, anoint the walls and to consecrate the altar which would begin a new chapter in the life of this community.

In his homily based upon the Scriptures used at the celebration (and proclaimed today), we once again learned that this parish, dedicated under the title of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, was ever an “outward sign” formed to nourish this community in countless ways in the name of the Lord Jesus! Nehemiah the Prophet bespeaks of the necessity of not only the very act of dedication and consecration, but of our responsibility to recall it each year! In his first letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul reminded us of the very nature of the Lord’s Supper of which we sing in the Memorial Acclamation of the Mass, “When we eat this Bread and we drink this Cup, we proclaim your Death, O Lord, until you come again.” Finally, the account of the multiplication of the 5 loaves and 2 fish, taken from the Gospel of Saint Luke, is a miracle of feeding in which there are 12 baskets of “leftovers” that are meant to be shared so as to nourish the world around us!

Bishop Dorsey thanked Father Andy (Wawrzycki) for his vision and for beginning the construction of the Church and Father Chris (Hoffman) for completing this construction after Father Andy’s retirement. We thank them today, as well, for their vision, dedication and faithfulness! Bishop Dorsey also thanked the parish community who responded so generously through contributions of time and treasure. We, too, give thanks for all our ancestors in faith, and rededicate ourselves for the new tasks which lie ahead and will require us to be generous in the same way in the future!

Today in this beautiful temple of worship, we offer our songs and prayers to the Glory of the Lord!  Let us always be aware of his saving grace!

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


P.S.: Throughout the Diocese of Orlando, Bishop Noonan has designated today as Council of Catholic Women (CCW) Sunday. I am especially proud of the women of our parish who participate in this great organization for their wonderful witness of faith. The women of the CCW provide not only an internal environment of support and hospitality for one another, but through their external commitment to charitable works and education, make a great impact upon the parish, the local community and throughout the diocese. May God bless these wonderful women!


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