In a most solemn way, Saint Luke introduces us to John the Baptist (Lk 3:1-6). Setting him firmly in “time” and “history,” he echoes the words of Isaiah proclaiming him to be the voice in the desert that heralds the coming of the Messiah. Advent’s presentation of the Baptizer, as compared to that of Lent, calls us beyond repentance to see God’s saving path. In a few weeks, at Christmas, Saint Luke will repeat this solemn proclamation of the birth of the One who is God’s way, truth and life, the Lord Jesus who leads us to the Father. And so we pray:

May our prayer of petition rise before you, O Lord, with purity unblemished, we, your servants, may come, as you desire, to celebrate the great mystery of the Incarnation of your only Begotten Son.

Next Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent (Dec. 12 and 13), please come and join us for our annual display of nativity scenes, A Pilgrimage to Bethelehem. If you would like to have one of your own nativities as a part of this display, please contact the office for information (no later than Monday!).

On Wednesday morning (Dec. 9), following the 8:30 Mass, we will bless the new outdoor statue of Saint Juan Diego. This day was chosen for this blessing since it is his feast day in the calendar. I thank Pete Stauder for his donation of this lovely statue in memory of his wife, Catherine. I also thank the Gerald and Andrea Sell for the gift of the garden which surrounds it.

Today, (Dec. 6), is the Feast of Saint Nicholas! While the Second Sunday of Advent takes precedence over this feast, no less we recall this great Advent Saint who inspires us to a spirit of generosity and to actions which preserve the reputations of other people. So, whether or not we found treats in our shoes this morning, we know that he has filled our hearts with a deep love for the Lord Jesus and his holy people.

May the almighty and merciful God, by whose grace you have placed your faith in the First Coming of his Only Begotten Son, and for whom you yearn for him to come again, sanctify you by the radiance of Christ’s Advent and enrich you with his blessing!

Fr. Bob


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