Dear Parishioners,

The end of the Liturgical Year is rapidly approach and on this day we hear a final reading from Saint Mark’s Gospel (13:24-32) which speaks of Jesus gathering His Elect from the “four winds.” Even in the midst of the widespread trials which precede this, the dawning of his presence will make of us “refugees” of the Kingdom of God as we all “escape” to his merciful and peaceful presence. While the prophet Daniel (12:1-3) offers a more traditional view of judgement, heaven and hell, nonetheless it is clear that there is indeed salvation. Even more clear is the promise that “those who sleep in the dust of the earth … shall live forever!”

There are many who seek refuge these days. Many are leaving homelands behind to seek a place where they may find protection and safety, and live in justice, harmony and free from warfare. There is not a country or a continent that is not a path provided by God for those whose homeland has been taken from them. We pray for them. And we pray for ourselves that we may do what is right and just:

O Lord, to whom no one is a stranger and from whose help no one is ever distant, look with compassion on refugees and exiles, on segregated persons and on lost children; restore them, we pray to a homeland, and give us a kind heart for the needy and the strangers.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. I thank all those who have been so very generous with our Thanksgiving Food Basket program. Mass will be celebrated at 8:30a Thanksgiving morning. The Knights of Columbus will be providing over 1000 hot meals this year to be distributed through Spiros Pizza (right across the street from our church on 50) who will lead the cooking, packing and distribution. We are hoping to bless the new “Outward Sign” offices on Thanksgiving morning as well!

In 2 weeks we will begin the “Angel Tree” and the Christmas Food basket program as well. I am so grateful for the way in which all of you generously reach out to be of assistance to the needy of our community here in South Lake County.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


P.S. Thank you to John and Lori Toth of Indian Hills Produce for their generous donation of the pumpkins for the Youth Ministry pumpkin patch.


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