Dear Parishioners,

The so-called “second story of creation” (Genesis 2:18-24) is presented for our reflection upon this day. In one sense it is not really a second creation but rather an expansion upon what is contained in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis that demonstrates the unitive nature of relationships between man and all that lives. It also begins to define spousal relationships where two become one. Spousal relationships demand, from the “inside”, fidelity to one another; and from the “outside”, respect for the relationship of those who enter into this covenantal relationship. Jesus states “let no man separate what God has joined.” (Mark 10:2-12)

Many have raised concerns that the dual realities of marriage and of family life are either under attack or troubled. It is true that the number of weddings that occur have diminished frequently in these past years, even as the number of baptisms (of children) remains at a relatively high number. This disproportionate reality is among many other irregular situations that need special pastoral care, attention and support. In the next few days, the Holy Father will open the next Synod on the Family which will begin to address the universal pastoral responses (remedies) to such irregular circumstances. We pray for Pope Francis and for all the Bishops who will gather in this Synod that the Holy Spirit will be upon them so that the Church may bring forth new life and hope to those who feel isolated, shunned or without sacramental grace. In addition, we pray for all who enter into the blessed unions of family life and marriage:

O God, who since the beginning of the world have blessed the increase of offspring, show favor to our supplications and pour forth the help of your blessing on your servants so that in the union of Marriage they may be bound together in mutual affection, in likeness of mind, and in shared holiness.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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