I Am Not Saying Goodbye

Dear friends,

This has been a rather shorter stay for me in Clermont; nevertheless, a very enjoyable one all the same. I have to do it all over again next time around. Thank you all for welcoming me back and taking really good care of me. I am so grateful for sharing much of your love, time and resources with me and for the donations towards our Uganda medical mission, for the seminarians and for my family. Everybody looks forward to my return to Uganda for I am literally loaded with stuff… GOOD STUFF for almost everyone! You really made it happen and you did it out of love. I owe so much to Fr. Bob and all of you, my second family in Clermont.

As I go back to Uganda, I am carrying a lot of gifts with me. Lots of baby clothes, socks, booties, receiving blankets, kids blankets, shoes, flip flops, scholastic materials, toothpaste, soap, etc. We have also received an examination table, EKG machine and accessories, a dental chair with a host of dental instruments, a dental x-ray machine and equipment I have never seen being used in Uganda! With all of this I am dreaming that pretty soon we will be making appointments from everywhere, including from Clermont! We now have all the modern tools!

We still need a lot help in terms of finances, as I mentioned at the “Holy Cannoli” night a few weeks ago. We need money to buy a motor pump and lay pipes from the deep water well to a huge storage tank where clean water will flow into the health unit and also distribute it to the neighboring school and community of over 1500 families. This is estimated to cost approximately $12,000. I also need to construct an office building with 3 to 4 rooms: my office, a secretary’s office with a good computer, and a storage room for all the important books and files. This is estimated to cost us approximately $15,000. I also would like to put tile floors in all the rooms at the health unit to maintain higher standards. This, and paving all the walkways on the compound, will help us maintain commendable cleanliness at all times. This is estimated to cost approximately $5,000.

I cannot forget the seminarians! Thank you for sponsoring these young men who are studying to become priests. We have so many and they do have genuine vocation to become priests in the Catholic Church. However, some of them come from very humble and poor families. A gift of $500 can help a seminarian with one year of tuition. They have to go for eight years from start to finish, but you can assist them at any time during their seminarian studies. With these gifts and your continued prayers, you can offer a gift of a priest for the Mother Church. Some of them might be sent here as missionaries or Fidei Donum priests in the future!

The list goes on, endlessly. We have the usual costs of purchasing drugs and paying for the doctor and staff working at Kambaala Health Unit. The patients cannot afford to pay the costs for their treatment, but your donation will go a long way to save a life and give joy to many children, mothers, fathers and all the patients across the board. Normally a general office visit and prescriptions if needed would cost around $50.

Pray that we do get connected to the national electricity grid! Electric poles have been put in the area and Kambaala Health Unit is earmarked to be connected! That will give us two sources of power: solar power and electric power!

Thank you so much for reading this and for your generosity. I promise to do the best I can to make us realize a difference across the Atlantic in Uganda. Check on us on Facebook and at olskambaalahealthcenter.org and please come and visit us when you can. I will take good care of you.

With love and prayers,

Fr. Ponce Kaweesa

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