Dearest Parishioners,

This time of year becomes more uncertain from a meteorological perspective. We have been “witnessing” though newscasts the terrible effects of violent storms and tornadic activity. When June 1 rolls around, we become conscious of an alphabetical listing of names that could become the named storms of the season. Names like Andrew, Charlie, Frances, Jeanne and Katrina will forever be etched in the mind of Floridians. There is hardly a balance when one part of our country is experiencing severe drought and another place is dealing with flash floods. Like the disciples in the boat (Mark 4:35-41) we can find ourselves in fearful situations when the wind kicks up and the rains come falling. There are many “storms” that can rage in our lives both externally and internally. And so we, like those in the boat, cry out to the Lord that such storms will be quelled by the One who comes to save us:

O God, who heals us through correction and saves us by forgiveness, grant to those who seek your favor the gift of good weather. Grant to us sufficient rain, so that being supplied with what sustains us in this present life, we may more confidently seek what sustains us for eternity.

O God, to whose commands all the elements give obedience, we pray that the stilling of fearsome storms may turn a powerful menace into an occasion for us to praise you.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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