Dearest Parishioners,

The Church was born as it received its life-breath from the Holy Spirit. The Church has relied upon the Holy Spirit to guide, strengthen, affirm, correct, purge and renew it throughout all past generations. So too, we rely upon the Spirit’s continued presence as we, the Church, progress on our pilgrim journey through the paths of time until we enter the eternal Kingdom.

It is a custom in certain countries to celebrate a Votive Mass of “Mary, the Mother of the Church” on the day following Pentecost. Mary, the first disciple of the Lord Jesus, is also the first member of the Church. In this prayer, taken from that Mass, we receive a “mission statement” that reminds us to grow, rejoice and be a magnet to the world’s salvation in Christ:

God of mercies, your only Son, while hanging on the Cross, appointed Mary, his mother, to be Mother of the Church. Like her, and under her loving care, may your Church grow day by day, rejoice in the holiness of her children, and attract to itself all the peoples of the earth. 

We congratulate Father Josh Swallows and Father Christopher Dorsey who were ordained Saturday morning as priests of the Diocese of Orlando. We pray that their ministries will be happy, holy and bear much fruit to the Kingdom!

Since many acknowledge that “summer” begins in the Church after the completion of the Easter Season, there are some “Summer Projects” that will be occurring on campus in the comings months.  The two largest projects are:

  • exterior painting of all the buildings on the main campus.
  • installation of the mosaic (“The Leftover”) over the main door on the inside of the Church.

As I wish you a “Happy Easter” for the final time of this year, I pray that among the abundant gifts of the Holy Spirit which we have received in the Sacraments, we might focus our attention and efforts on manifesting one “gift” in a more vibrant manner each day!

Fr. Bob


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