Dearest Parishioners,

Happy Easter! While not an official subtitle of the 4th Sunday of Easter, we still have come to know this as “Good Shepherd Sunday”. Each year, the image of sheep and shepherd, the sheep gate and the sheepfold, and the recognized voice of the shepherd are emphasized. There is a deep and intimate relationship between the shepherd and the sheep. As Pope Francis has said, we must “smell like each other!” All of us must be the fragrance of the Good Shepherd, the Risen Lord Jesus!

We congratulate the many who will receive the Lord Jesus for the first time this weekend in Holy Communion. We pray for the lambs of our sheepfold who deepen their relationship with the Lord and His Holy Church:

Good and gracious God, you have invited these children to share at your table for the first time, that you may bring toward completion the new life received by Baptism into your family, the Church. Help them always to live in communion with Jesus as living members of his mystical body.

May the week ahead fill you with Easter glory!

Fr. Bob


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