Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Happy Easter!

There is truly a “breath of fresh air” that is moving through the Church and throughout all of creation! It is found in the openness of hearts, the expansion of the mind, and in the positive posture that we take in the expression of faith in the midst of this wonderful creation in which God has placed us!  This “breath of fresh air” comes from our Risen Lord Jesus who breaks deathly shackles and leads us on a life-giving journey of mercy, love, and forgiveness that unites all earthly kingdoms to the One True Kingdom of Heaven!

On this great day of The Resurrection, we pray that this “breath of fresh air,” may be in our minds hearts, actions, and attitudes!  We pray that we, Christ’s faithful, may bring this breath of fresh air to all creation:

Fill your Church, O God of glory with the power flowing forth from Christ’s Resurrection, that she may be present in the midst of this world as the beginnings of a renewed humanity risen to new life in Christ!

Last night, as our celebration of Easter began at the Solemn Vigil, through the Easter Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion, Emily Sharpless, Jeff Vaughn, Andrew Gonzalez, Matthew Juchniewicz, Alexander and Carlos Quevedo, Sierra Perry and Jose Severino became members of the Body of Christ and the Church.  We thank our good and gracious God for leading them to this wonderful day in their lives and look forward to their continued growth in Christ!

May God’s abundant blessings be upon you and your families!  May you always rejoice in the gift of salvation! And may you continue to progress in the Christian way of life delighting in good things both now and in the time to come!

Fr. Bob


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