Dear Parishioners,

The Scriptures today begin to point in the direction of the Cross and of its saving power. The words of Jesus to Nicodemus (John 3:14-21) focus our attention on salvation. The giving of sight to the man born blind (John 9:1-41) show that God’s creative power is always at work and that the light of God’s love can pierce even the darkness of the pre-creation! The saving Passion of the Lord Jesus is like the “labor pains” of the birth of a new creation in Him:

Almighty ever-living God, give to your Church an increase in spiritual joy, so that those once born of earth may be reborn as citizens of heaven.

Two weeks ago we held parish-wide elections for the Parish Council. First, I would like to thank each of the 15 candidates who expressed a desire to serve our parish community in this unique way. While only 5 were able to be elected, each serves in special roles of leadership in our community. I would also like to offer my thanks to Pete Stauder (who serves as the Chair of the Council) for conducting and overseeing the election. 1421 parishioners cast ballots and the following five parishioners were elected to the Parish Council: Bill Barth, Maureen Gonzalez, Marty Heinrich, Bob Richey, and Jean Marie Schneider. I congratulate them on their election and look forward to working with them and the other members of the Council!

I would like to highlight one special appointment to the Parish Council. I have appointed Jessica Gonzalez who was recently confirmed and has expressed a heartfelt desire to share her leadership talents in the Church! Jessica participated in her first Parish Council meeting in February! Also, I would like to welcome Emilio Collante and Marisela Silva as representatives of the Latino Community of Blessed Sacrament and Santo Toribio Romo.

I offer a word of “welcome” to Dulce Guzman who has become the Administrative Assistant at Santo Toribo. While Dulce has been a long time parishioner and a familiar smiling face, she has accepted the new role in assistance to the Latino community at both the Mission and the Mother Church.

As I reported last weekend, the fourth of “Our Catholic Appeal,” we are now over two thirds of our way toward the completion of our assessment of $266,512!  Last weekend the following generous pledges were made:

Blessed Sacrament

  • Last weekend 43 households pledged $9,794.00.
  • To date 637 households have pledged $180,810 toward our assessment and we have $85,702 left to meet our financial goal and 563 households left to meet our participation goal.

Santo Toribio Romo

  • Last weekend 9 households pledged $1,035.00.
  • To date 68 households have pledged $9,910 toward our assessment of $13,018.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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