Dear Parishioners,

The Sinai Covenant is recalled on this Third Sunday of Lent (Exodus 20:1-17). The covenants of Noah and of Abraham, found in the Book of Genesis, are built upon as we proclaim that God is ever-faithful, that God fulfills his Word, and that we are given concrete behavior commands that govern our private and public lives. As the story of the clearing of the temple (John 2:13-25) reminds us, certain behaviors are not permitted on “holy ground.” We also are reminded that in the “temples of our lives” such negative behaviors are not to be a part of the holiness of our lives.

As we prepare to enter into the celebration of the three Scrutinies for our Elect-Catechumens, we recall the prayer for them and for all catechumens in the Church, which is used during the Solemn Intercessions on Good Friday:

Let us pray for our catechumens, that our Lord and God will open wide the ears of the inmost hearts and unlock the gates of his mercy, that having received the forgiveness of their sins through the waters of rebirth, they too, may be one with Christ Jesus our Lord.

Almighty ever-living God, who make your Church ever fruitful with new offspring, increase the faith and understanding of our catechumens, that reborn in the font of Baptism, they may be added to the number of your adopted children.

As I reported last weekend, the third of “Our Catholic Appeal,” we are now well over half-way toward the completion of our assessment of $266,512. We have a ways to go in order to meet the 1200 participating household in this process, but nonetheless I am so very grateful for your strong and enthusiastic support for Bishop Noonan and the missions of the Diocese of Orlando. Last weekend the following generous pledges were made:

Blessed Sacrament

  • Last weekend 66 households pledged $16,571.30.
  • To date 537 households have pledged $154,148 toward our assessment and we have $112,364 left to meet our financial goal and 663 households left to meet our participation goal.

Santo Toribio Romo

  • Last weekend 15 households pledged $2,356.00.
  • To date 57 households have pledged $8,830 toward our assessment of $13,018.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!


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