Dear Parishioners,

Abraham is called to trust in God’s commands, and because of his obedience in this trust a covenant between them is established (Genesis 22: 1-18). So deep is this trust that Abraham, even in the midst of his own despair and disappointment, is willing to sacrifice, at God’s command, what he has received as a divine gift.  Isaac, who Abraham counted as lost, was spared and many descendants, as countless as the stars and the sands, became his inheritance!

So too, through a saving sacrifice, Christ Jesus willingly surrendered himself for our sake (Romans 8:31-34). Jesus teaches us to willingly and trustfully surrender ourselves to God and leads us through the waters of Baptism to the inheritance of everlasting life.

We pray for all of us who are “Children of Abraham”:

O God, supreme Father of the faithful, who increase the children of your promise by pouring the grace of adoption throughout the whole world and through the Paschal Mystery make your servant Abraham father of nations, as you once swore grant that your people may enter worthily into the grace to which you call them.

I am so very grateful for your support of Our Catholic Appeal. During our second weekend the following generous pledges were made:

  • Blessed Sacrament
    To date 403 households have pledged $116,555 toward our assessment of $266,512.
  • Santo Toribio
    To date 42 households pledged $6,474 toward our assessment of $13,018.

We offer best wishes to Louis Canter who completes his time as our parish Music Director this weekend. Louis will assume new responsibilities at Holy Redeemer Parish in Kissimmee. We thank him for the 8 months that he has spent with us and we pray God’s blessings be upon him.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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