Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

It has been just over 13 years when (on Tuesday January 15, 2002) Bishop Norbert Dorsey came to preside at the Solemn Dedication of our Church building. And while this parish’s history is much longer than 13 years, that this church is the 3rd which we have called our spiritual home, and that 7 men have served as pastor of this parish community, we are grateful to God for guiding us through time to this grace-filled moment.

Perhaps long forgotten from that night are the words found in the “Prayer of Dedication.” Prayed alone by the Bishop with his hands extended over both the Church building and the community gathered therein, several paragraphs might help us to focus our attention on the continued “mission” of being church:

Lord, send your Spirit from heaven to make this church an ever holy place, and this altar a ready table for the sacrifice of Christ.

Here may the waters of baptism overwhelm the shame of sin; here may your people die to sin and live again through grace as your children.

Here may your children, gathered around your altar, celebrate the memorial of the Paschal Lamb, and be fed at the table of Christ’s word and of Christ’s body.

Here may prayer, the Church’s banquet, resound through heaven and earth as a plea for the world’s salvation!

This is what we are called to do and be!

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings.

Fr. Bob


P.S. On Tuesday of this past week Fr. Mark Wegg, who served as pastor from 2003 to 2007, passed on to the Lord. We are grateful for his ministry to the Church and for his loving care of Blessed Sacrament Parish. May he know the reward of his goodness in the presence of the Eternal Father.


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