Dear parishioners:

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today we celebrate not only the fulfillment of the days of Christmas but also the beginning of a new year of grace. As the year unfolds, with its unknown blessings and challenges, we pray:

May God, the source and origin of all blessing, grant you grace, pour out his blessing in abundance and keep you safe from harm.

May He give you integrity in the faith, endurance in hope, and perseverance in charity with holy patience to the end.

May He order your days and your deeds in His peace, grant your prayers in this and every place, and lead you happily to eternal life.

I thank all those who have been so generous during this past year and during these Christmas Holy Days … those who have fed the hungry and provided for those in need, those who have visited the sick and the imprisoned, those who have provided for the ministry of the Church in any way, and those who have prepared our church for worship, those who welcome the stranger and all those who bring hope in the name of the Lord Jesus to others! Our shared ministry is yet another manifestation of the Lord Jesus in the world.

May the days of Christmas be a source of hope, strength and healing both now and in the coming year!


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