Dear parishioners:

For those who keep track of the Liturgical Year through the changing of the color of vesture, today will be the last Sunday that we will see green vesture used until January 25th! In the meantime, having celebrated the 4th and 5th of the Feasts of November, the Solemnity of Christ the King and Thanksgiving, we will have also completed the Seasons of Advent and Christmas, and celebrated the Anniversary of the Dedication of our Church. As they say, “time goes by fast when you’re having fun!”

It is indeed a time for new beginnings! A time to greater dedicate ourselves to following the Lord more deeply in our Church, of participating in the Sacraments with more fervently, and of acting in a more apostolic manner. The Missal of the Church does not offer a prayer of thanksgiving for use at the conclusion of an “old year,” but rather offers one for the beginning of a new one. Perhaps this is so that we might leave behind the shortcomings of the past and look forward to what, through grace, we shall do.  And so, even a few weeks before it actually occurs, we pray:

O God, who are without beginning or end, the source of all creation. Grant us so to live this new year, whose beginning we dedicate to you, that we may abound in good things and be resplendent with the works of holiness.

On the weekend of the 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 6 and 7, I am hoping to start what may become a new parish tradition. In Saint John Bosco Hall (the old church!) we will host a display of Nativity scenes. Through some generous donations from the parish community, the parish has been entrusted with several beautiful scenes which will be on display throughout that weekend. In addition, some members of the staff will add some of their personal nativities to the display, and, if you wish, you might allow some of the unique and beautiful scenes from your own family or culture to be included for the enjoyment and prayer of all. If you are interested in allowing your nativity to be displayed, please drop an email to Michele ([email protected]) and we will provided details about set-up and take-down, etc. I do hope that as we all take a “Pilgrimage to Bethlehem” that it might deepen our experience and faith in the Mystery of the Lord’s Incarnation.

May the week ahead be filled with countless graces and blessings!

Fr. Bob


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