Dear parishioners:
Merry Christmas everyone!
On this last Sunday of the calendar year it is probably safe to say that 2013 has certainly been an interesting year. Even in the last few weeks we have witnessed the passing of important individuals who have left a lasting impact on the human family and have even seen the Pope named as the “Person of the Year!” I suspect that 2014 will provide more surprises as well!
Pope Francis has called for the Bishop’s Synod this year to focus upon the family and family life. Given his refreshing style, I am sure that this dialogue will bear lasting fruit even as we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family today.
With these things in mind, perhaps this prayer for the blessing of a home during the Christmas Season might find a place in your family this day:
Lord God of heaven and earth, you revealed your only-begotten Son to every nation by the guidance of a star. Bless this home and all who dwell therein. Fill them with the light of Christ, that their concern for others may reflect your love.
May God, who by the Incarnation brought together the earthly and
heavenly realm, fill you with the gift of his peace and favor!
Fr. Bob

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