Dear parishioners:

Once again the parable presented in the Gospel (Matthew 21: 28-32) presents a difficult situation. Parents all too well know the scenario: one child (cheerfully) responds favorably but, then, goes off and does opposite … and the other refuses (puts up a fight) then does what the parent asks! While one loves their children, there still can be disappointment in either their behavior or their attitude. While both will inherit the “vineyard”, there is certainly an order in which they will be admitted.  There is a challenge that we reorder our attitudes that we may cheerfully do the will of the Father. And so, we pray that our lives and attitudes may be ordered toward the Kingdom and that its fruits may be known in our hearts and in our ways:

O God, you have taught your Church to keep all the heavenly commandments. Grant us a spirit of peace and grace so that your entire family may be devoted to you wholeheartedly and united in purity of intent.

As many of you may be aware we have been making some staff changes and re-aligning staff responsibilities and departments over the past year. As the community around us grows and develops, in turn the parish also experiences these realities. Two new nursing homes/assisted living facilities have recently opened here in Clermont and, given the demographics of our community, this will surely increase.  As a result, we have developed a new department (in addition to the current three departments of Worship, Faith Formation, and Administration) to be called Pastoral Care.  We have hired, initially as part-time, Kathryn McGuinness to be the Coordinator of this new department. Her tasks will be to oversee the Ministry to the Sick programs at the hospital, nursing homes and with the homebound. She will also be responsible to begin a “Senior’s Ministry” in our community in an effort to reduce the social poverty that exists among our aging population.  Kathryn comes to us after serving as the Pastoral Care Advocate at Saint Maximilian Kolbe parish in Avalon Park. I know that she will be a great asset to our community!

May the week ahead be filled with many blessings!

Fr. Bob


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