Corpus-ChristiAt our patron feast day, we celebrate the unity of our Roman Catholic Faith and recognize the diversity from which it comes. On June 2nd, we invite you to honor that diversity as we celebrate our oneness in the body of Christ. Share your heritage by participating in the multi-cultural Mass, joining in a Eucharistic procession around the church grounds surrounded by flags from countries of our ancestry, dressing in attire representative of your culture, and sharing a favored dish at the Pot Luck Supper.

Those interested in purchasing a flag representative of your native country, please contact Lisa Weis at (352)394-3562 ext 107 or

Mass will begin at 5:00pm, followed by a Eucharistic Procession. The evening will conclude with a Pot Luck Supper in the Social Hall. The parish will provide drinks and meat. Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert to the Social Hall before Mass begins.


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